Tony StarK’s (Iron man)Dating List

Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Tony Stark is all these things, but mostly he’s a Playboy. He dated with most of the girls in the marvel universe and here is the list of them.


Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts first appeared in 1963’s Tales of Suspense #45 by Stan Lee and Don Heck as a member of Stark’s secretarial pool. She fell for him right away, but Tony ignored her, Through all the women in his life, she’s stayed by his side, romantically and otherwise.


Pepper_Potts iron man



Raised by Thanos to be a living weapon, Gamora seeks redemption as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, putting her extraordinary fighting abilities to good use.In 2013’s Guardians of the Galaxy #4 by Brian Michael Bendis and Cory Petit, Stark met up with Gamora, and the next thing we saw was Stark and Gamora in bed together



Spider-Woman and Iron Man had been partners on the New Avengers for years, but things changed in Marvel Holiday Special #2005 (by Shaenon Garrity, Roger Langridge) Iron Man met Spider-Woman in Christmas party. They exchanged a kiss, and yes.


The Wasp

That happened in 1982 with Avengers #224 (Jim Shooter, Alan Zelenetz, Mark Bright), while Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne had divorced. She started dating Tony when they met at a high society party



After getting a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters gained all the powers of the Hulk – and all the problems. But while she gained massive strength, she never lost her passion for justice
in She-Hulk #17 (Dan Slott, Rick Burchett), she actually had a conversation with Stark about why he’s seen as a “player” and she’s seen as a “skank,” even though they both do the same thing.


Black Widow

Despite super spy Natasha Romanoff’s checkered past, she’s become one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most deadly assassins and a frequent member of the Avengers.
In 2007, Ultimates< 3 #1 (Jeph Loeb, Joe Madureira, Christian Lichtner), a sex tape of Iron Man and Black Widow was released onto the Internet and even on DVDs.


Maria Hill

Ruthless, determined, and efficient, Maria Hill makes an excellent second-in-command to Nick Fury and, later, director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
In Invincible Iron Man #10 (Matt Fraction, Salvadore Larroca). While Stark met Hill to destroy one of his hidden arsenals and the two of them started making out.


Madam Menace

Sunset Bain aka Madam Menace was always a highly motivated genius with both money and personal connections
In 1999’s Iron Man #19 (Kurt Busiek, Sean Chen), Tony Stark and Madam Menace had first met when she and Tony Stark were at M.I.T. She seduced him to learn his techniques.


Justine Hammer

In Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1 by Warren Ellis and Steve Kurth (2009), the world was recovering from the Ultimatum Wave when he found Justine in his private quarters. and the two of them fell into romance.


Emma Frost

Civil War #3 (Mark Millar, Steve McNiven), Stark and Frost were chatting when he mentioned the two of them had an “arrangement” when neither of them was dating. It seemed they were friends with benefits, and might still be.

Janice Cord

Janice Cord was created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist Johnny Craig in 1968’sIron Man #22. As the daughter of Drexel Cord. Drexel tried to kill Stark with a robot, but Janice warned Stark about her father. After Drexel sacrificed himself, Janice began dating Stark.

Rumiko Fujikawa

In 1998, Tony Stark came back from an alternate universe that came to be called Heroes Reborn. While he was gone, his company had been taken over by Kenjiro Fujikawa, and his daughter Rumiko in Invincible Iron Man #4, (Eric Cannon, Kurt Busiek). Rumiko started dating Stark, becoming a steady girlfriend over the course of the series.


Anna Wei

Armor Wars was a popular Iron Man storyline, which is why it was redone twice. The third Armor Wars story came in Iron Man Annual #2001 (Chris Claremont, Michael Ryan) in 2001, along with another girlfriend of Tony’s, Anna Wei.

Bethany Cabe

Another long-running girlfriend came up in 1978 with Iron Man#117 (David Michelinie, Bob Layton, John Romita Jr.) when he met Bethany Cabe at a high-society party. The two of them hit it off, especially when he discovered she could handle herself as a bodyguard for wealthy clients. They quickly became lovers.

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