Space Force from 3 countries ready to take control of space

“Space is a place where there are now tens of billions of dollars” in infrastructure, says Mark Albrecht, the executive secretary of the National Space Council from 1989 to 1992.

With this circumstances, Space needs more protection and control. so few big countries already claiming their part on space establishing space forces that conduct space warfare. Russia start it in early 1990 China and French already steps in

Countries that have Space forces

  • Russia
  • Chaina
  • French
Russian space forces
Russian space forces


Russian Space Forces
The Russian Space Forces were established on 10 August. 1992, Commander-in-Chief of the VKS(Russian Space Forces) is Col. Gen. Vladimir Ivanov, fundamentally it’s a new branch of service, that is intended for providing of the safety of Russia in the space.

The VKS is currently responsible for the

  • Operation of the Baikonur and Plesetsk Cosmodrome,
  • Operation of the construction of the Svobodnyy Cosmodrome,
  • Operation of the Mozhayskiy Military Space Engineering Academy,
  • Operation of the Central Scientific Research Institute on Space Technology,
  • Operation of the Space Command, Control, and Tracking System (KIK),

However The former fleet of Space Event Support Ships operated by the former USSR Academy of Sciences has essentially been disbanded, although the Russian Ministry of Defense still operates some specialized range instrumentation ships capable of providing KIK services



china space force
china space force

Chinese Space Support Forces
China had recently established an Aerospace Force. The branch, which is expected to focus on military operations in space, this Space Force branch would be the PLA ’s fifth branch. It will be complemented by an Aerospace Office under the Central Military Commission.

This Space Support Forces will include three branches

  • strategic missiles
  • electronic warfare
  • space forces.

space weapons may include laser-armed spacecraft, low Earth orbit bombers, and military space shuttles. Some say new Space Force is ‘to achieve control of low earth orbit in order to defeat the United States on Earth.’The Chinese military can watch the skies over East Asia but is mostly blind elsewhere. A new Space Force could change that.



French Joint Space Command
French Joint Space Command was established in 2010, the. Joint Space Command granted Europe’s premier space power a single point of contact for negotiations with partners on the six program areas for which it will have the responsibility:

  • Earth observation
  • signals intelligence
  • space situational awareness
  • missile warning
  • military satellite telecommunications
  • space-based navigation.

JSC is will control by the authority of the Chief of the general staff headquarters of the Armies. Within the Defence staff and under the supervision of the Deputy Chief of Operations.

France has a well-developed military satellite communication and optical surveillance capability, but many of its military commanders remain unaware of what these systems can contribute to France’s military effort.
one of the main objectives is to further push France’s existing space capabilities down the chain of command to make them more easily accessible by tactical deployed forces.

The creation of a Space Command was one of the recommendations made in a 2008 White Paper on Defense produced by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Therefore Military activity in space is “not materially different from the normal military forces. Maintaining space forces cost billions

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