Captain America’s Phone number is 678-136-7092 and Its real

There are a lot of Easter Eggs in Marvel’s new movie “Avengers: Infinity War”, and the biggest one of all is Captain America’s phone number was to be one of them.

America's phone number
America’s phone number

At the end of Civil War Tony Stark gets a package with a note from Captain America. The package that Tony Stark received from Captain is a phone, with one number belongs to Steve’s Rogers. In infinity war, Tony Stark Try to use this phone to call Caption America but as we know the fights begin before he makes the call.

 America's phone number
America’s phone
America's phone number
America’s phone number

After the end of the scene that Iron man and Dr. Straneg fight with Thanos sidekicks at infinity war, Bruce Banner found the phone on the ground and picks it up.  When he tried to use it to call Captain America, we can clearly see the phone number in the flip phone screen that Captain gave to Tony at the end of Civil War,

 America's phone number
America’s phone number

The number is 678-136-7092, which is an Atlanta based number where most of the production for Infinity War took place.

The Best part is, that film’s creators wanted fans to be able to pick up on the brief Easter egg and use it to actually receive a message from Steve Rogers

Unfortunately, It didn’t actually work, Though, it was originally supposed to work. It never happened,

The director, Anthony and Joe Russo shared their idea and the reason it never panned out during a recent interview with Huffington Post.


“We actually had intended to create a fake voicemail from Steve Rogers,” Joe Russo said. “For the people that left the theater and called that number, they would get a voicemail from Steve Rogers.”

The number you see in the movie is the one the Russos had all set up. In the end, the legal at Disney intervened and said “no.”

“We had it all ready to go, but legal took that away from us,” Anthony Russo explained.

It’s unclear why Disney took away the use of Steve Rogers’ voicemail, but they must have had a good reason for it.

It might have been something that hackers were easily able to get into and use for wrong purposes, which could’ve been expensive control. l although At the end, it’s cool to see a phone number in a major motion picture as big as Infinity War with a real number especially when its Caption Americas Number

Too bad. It would have been a cool thing. Maybe one day we’ll get to hear what the recording of Steve would have said. “I can do this all day.”

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