Shuri is not the Smartest Person in the Marvel Universe

According to CBR Shuri is ‘the Smartest Person in the World’ in the Marvel Universe. But in several lists of “Smartest Marvel Characters”, she is not even mentioned.

The Shuri was introduced into Black Panther did share the name of T’Challa’s younger sister from the comics, but she is a completely different character from comics.

The Wakandans Princess Shuri is a warrior, Who is being trained by T’Challa to become the next Black Panther in the event of his death. But in comics, she is never shown to be particularly involved in science, research, or technology.

So who are the real smartass geniuses in the Marvel universe

1. Mr. Fantastic

Mister Fantastic from -
Mister Fantastic

One of the bravest adventurers and most brilliant scientific minds of his generation.
Mr. Fantastic is a scientific genius whose inventions and discoveries made their family quite wealthy. He has galactic level intelligence and there’s basically nothing he can’t do with his mind. Richards has masterminded scores of inventions, experiments, and theories that have had a lasting impact on the Marvel Universe.his vast intellect driving the FF’s explorations of alternate dimensions, timelines, and galaxies. meaning there may be no limit to how smart he becomes

Marvel Intelligence rating – 6


2. Hank Pym

Hank Pym from
Hank Pym

Hank Pym has been known by many names since the start of his crimefighting career. Ant-Man. Giant-Man. Goliath. Yellowjacket. Wasp.  Dr. Pym. Also, the creator of the wondrous Pym Particles has been a brilliant inventor and fearless explorer.

Alos he is An expert in multiple scientific disciplines including, cybernetics, biochemistry, entomology, and robotics

Marvel Intelligence rating – 6


3. Hulk

Hulk from

Bruce Banner grew up shy and introverted, but a scientific genius of the field of nuclear physics. He held a position at a federal nuclear research facility at a missile base in the New Mexico desert. Bruce Banner’s intelligence has made him one of the world’s leading authorities on nuclear physics, as well as other related disciplines,

For all of his vaunted intellect, Bruce Banner was never able to think his way out of being one of the most dangerous beings on Earth

Marvel Intelligence rating – 6


4. Iron Man

Iron Man from
Iron Man

Tony grew up a genius with a brilliant mind for technology and inventions. Tony designed many weapons of war for Stark Industries, far beyond what any other company was creating, while living the lifestyle of an irresponsible playboy. he is also expert in all other fields of the STEM, ranging from biology to theoretical physics.

Stark was once called the world’s most adept multi-tasker by Reed Richards, due to his ability to compartmentalize his mind into three separate yet independently operating sections.
Stark has always had one eye on the future, even if it’s meant making the hard decisions no one else wants to make

Marvel Intelligence rating – 6


5. Black Panther

Black Panther from
Black Panther

Though possessing no innate superpowers, T’Challa is incredibly intelligent with a tactical mind that allows him to see the biggest of big pictures. he also established a secret identity as Harlem school teacher Luke Charles, allowing him to help the children he oversaw.

He even the creator of his own field of science – Shadow Physics.

An expert in the manipulation of vibranium’s unique properties for a host of wide-ranging military and domestic applications, T’Challa remains committed to using his vast knowledge of the metal to maintain Wakanda’s status as the pinnacle of human civilization.

Marvel Intelligence rating – 5



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